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>Medical advice and know-how for people living and working abroad

> Health When you travel to work and live in different climates and environments, you should be aware that there can be many health risks related to different diseases found in different countries that you may have never been exposed … Continue reading

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>Working Abroad – Creating a home in your new host coutry

> Wherever I lay my shell, that’s my home…Imagine being able to walk out of your house whenever you get fed up of the wallpaper, or want a different view from the window – and simply take over another one … Continue reading

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>BRIC Countries

> The BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – have powered ahead economically over the past decade, but will they be able to take up the slack in the world economy from the US consumer? See more at … Continue reading

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>Working Abroad – Money Matters

> Organising your finances when working abroad: When going to live and work abroad you will need to get your financial affairs in order. Have a discussion with your employer to fully understand how they will be paying you your … Continue reading

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