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Will you pass the test? New UK Statutory Residence Test – new rules under consideration to identify ‘non-doms’

In the March budget, the Chancellor announced the Government’s intention to introduce a statutory residence test in the UK with effect from April 2012.  In simple terms, the Government’s plan is that UK residency will no longer be based only … Continue reading

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Does your money cross borders as easily as you do? Manage multiple currencies with an international bank account

For anyone travelling internationally as part of their job, or moving to a new country, getting to grips with new currencies can often present something of a challenge.  Most of us tend to think in the currency of the country … Continue reading

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The art of packing

What sort of packer are you? An organised, list-maker who can, like Mary Poppins, somehow manage to get absolutely everything you will need into the smallest, neatest looking bags? Or a last-minute, throw everything in just in case and then … Continue reading

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Happy holidays – wherever you are: Managing national holidays in virtual teams

The holidays are coming – or are they? Well, it really depends on where in the world you happen to live, your culture and possibly your religion. For most people, holidays are a respite from the world of work and … Continue reading

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>Working Abroad – Business Travel 2012?

> American Express’ annual Global Business Travel Global Forecast says airfares and hotel costs will rise, as will doing business in Asia and Latin America as opposed to North America and Europe. Despite a series of fragile economies, costs are … Continue reading

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