About expatknowhow

Our own cross-cultural experience is at the heart of our expat services.

Principal Claire Snowdon introduces expatknowhow:

The services of expatknowhow are evolved from my own personal experiences as an expat living and working in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East over a period of 20 years, and from my eventual repatriation to the UK.

During my time overseas I worked as a senior executive managing change programmes and culturally diverse groups. I also trained, placed and supported cross-functional teams across China, Egypt, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Maldives, Pakistan and Swaziland.

Thanks to my time abroad, and the agility and problem-solving approach I developed in adapting to living and working in different countries, expatknowhow can call upon an international network of associates whose experience complements my own.

It all adds up to a collective expertise that can facilitate any move abroad – or return home – while really helping businesses and individuals get the most from an overseas posting.


More about Claire:

As well as her overseas business experience and professional degree, Claire is an experienced coach and mentor. She holds a certificate in cross-cultural training and is also a certified trainer on Argonaut™, an online intercultural assessment tool.

Claire developed her high-level business and management experience working in both the U.K and U.S retail sector. She has worked on multi-million dollar programmes for a Fortune 500 company in Portugal, Israel, Sri Lanka and as a Group Director based in Hong Kong, where she led a large team of associates, located in Hong Kong, South China and Sri Lanka.

Claire has a passion for travel and diverse cultures and continues to follow her life-long ambition, to visit all the Wonders of the World – ancient, modern, forgotten and natural.

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