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>Working Abroad – UK Income Tax

> UK Creates Tighter Rules for Expats’ Income Tax Under a proposed rule, British non-residents who work more than 20 days a year in the United Kingdom will be subject to taxes on their worldwide income, according to a report … Continue reading

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>Working Abroad as Expats

> Singapore now more expensive than Hong Kong: According to human resource firm ECA International, it said the Singapore dollar, which has surged by more than 10 percent against the US Dollar, pushed the city-state to third place above Hong … Continue reading

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>10 most expensive world cities for expats

>The 10 most expensive world cities for expats. Rankings (out of 214) 2011      2010              City                     Country 1              1                  Luanda                Angola 2              2                  Tokyo                  Japan 3              3                  N’Djamena           Chad 4              4                  Moscow               Russia 5              5                  Geneva                Switzerland 6              6                  Osaka                  Japan 7              8                  Zurich                   Switzerland 8             11                 Singapore             Singapore 9              8                  Hong … Continue reading

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>UK Proposes reducing the number of immigrants who can apply for permanenet residence

> Foreign workers in the UK will have fewer options for settlement in the country under a series of new government proposals. Those working on temporary visas will not be able to apply for settlement, and the government will classify … Continue reading

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>Working Abroad – U.S Tax compliance drives expats to despair of U.S.

> American expatriates who are employed overseas are expected to file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), even if they do not owe any taxes in the United States, or face penalties. Starting in January 2013, the Foreign … Continue reading

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>Business in India – Working abroad

>Thinking about doing business in India? Thinking about working abroad in India?Great article by the economist that I found linked from the website. If you need help with planning to live and work abroad as expatriates then contact us at expatknowhow: … Continue reading

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>Advice from an experienced expat

>The one thing that makes for a happy expat experience is good old fashioned advance preparation. As true as this is for the expat, it is even more true for his/her family. As there is no such thing as a … Continue reading

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>Travel guides for expats and others…………….

>If you are travelling to a new country for a holiday, business trip or to settle and live there, then there are many places that you can now go to find out more about that country and what to expect … Continue reading

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