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This week, a series of events collectively called ExploreExport 2014, are being held around the UK. Between 7th–14th November, 130 UK Trade & Investment Commercial Officers and British Chamber of Commerce representatives from 80 markets are visiting 10 locations to offer export advice to UK businesses interested in entering new markets. It’s a great opportunity for companies to meet with highly experienced international trade specialists who have local market knowledge, extensive political and commercial contacts, can provide valuable insights, direct routes to market and new business opportunities.

Since 2013, I’ve been an accredited export communications consultant, qualified to undertake UK Trade & Investment’s Export Communication Reviews (ECRs) –helping companies with the language and cultural issues that arise when trading overseas, identifying communication strengths and weaknesses, and offering unbiased, objective advice.

Could your business benefit from an Export Communications Review?

If your business is already trading internationally, or if you are considering entering new markets, an ECR will help you improve communications with both English and non-English speaking export markets, and build confidence to trade successfully with overseas customers – without necessarily learning their language

To support the development of your international business, an accredited consultant like me, will undertake a series of reviews, spending time with you and your team, discussing your current export strategy and international activities.

They can review your written and spoken communications with a specific overseas market, or focus on a certain export activity such as promotional materials, trade shows and exhibitions, presenting to an international audience, improving relationships with overseas agents and distributors, handling foreign phone calls and emails, developing an international website strategy (see below) – or addressing whatever specific needs you may have.

When your review is concluded, you’ll receive a customised written report which will include:

  • A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your current communications against international best practice (written, telephone, face to face and electronic).
  • Practical recommendations tailored to your company, and summarised in an action plan.
  • How-to guides, with detailed general advice on how to implement recommendations.

Is your website communicating effectively with overseas customers?

An Export Communications Review can focus on your website, making sure it communicates effectively with potential overseas customers, helping you to generate export business. A website review offers a comprehensive analysis of your website, covering:

  • Development of a web strategy.
  • Technical aspects involved in setting up an international website.
  • The design, structure and navigation of the site for overseas visitors.
  • Inclusion of appropriate international content.
  • Translation and localisation for your target export markets.
  • Promotion of the site in overseas markets (including search engine optimisation).
  • Monitoring the site’s performance.
  • Managing the impact of a successful site.

Are you interested? There is financial support available for the ECR. The cost of each review is £500 plus VAT, and exporting companies that have been trading for at least two years and employ fewer than 250 staff can receive a subsidy of £250 from UKTI towards the cost of each of their first three reviews.

If you’d like to know more about ECR, contact expatknowhow direct by emailing us – CLICK HERE!

For more information on ExploreExport 2014, go to

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